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Tree removal should always be approached as an extreme last resort, as it requires special equipment, knowledge of safety procedures, and attention to detail. When it comes to professional tree removal in Arlington, Virginia, you can count on AVA Tree Services to complete this difficult and time-consuming task quickly and efficiently.
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When Should Tree Removal Be Performed?

Removing a tree that has been part of your backyard for decades can be an emotional decision, with many memories associated with its presence in the landscape attached to these landmarks. Unfortunately, removal may become necessary due to structural weaknesses.

Improper pruning over the years can cause a tree to lean to one side, endangering nearby structures and people. Disease and storm damage to roots also compromise tree stability. When this happens, early intervention should be sought to safeguard both your property and loved ones from potential danger.

If there's an unstable tree on your property, removal should be completed as quickly and safely as possible. Our team specializes in professional tree removal services in Arlington, VA to protect you and your surroundings from the dangers of unstable trees.


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Why You Might Need to Remove a Tree

Tree removal and tree trimming is important for various reasons, including thorough thought and professional examination. The following are some typical reasons why tree removal may be necessary:

Disease and Infestation

Trees are susceptible to several diseases and infestations, including emerald ash borer infestation, oak wilt, and Dutch elm disease. These issues could endanger neighboring trees and degrade the tree's structure and health. To stop the illness from spreading and safeguard the general well-being of the surrounding plants, removing the afflicted tree is essential in such situations.

Severe Weather Damage

Trees that have developed structural flaws or major storm damage may become unstable and threaten property and people.

The likelihood that a tree will fall or cause damage during severe weather events might be increased by extreme leaning, big dead limbs, or poor root systems. To reduce potential risks and guarantee your surroundings' security, removing these affected trees is crucial.

Competition and Crowding

Trees may occasionally be planted too closely together, which can cause crowding and competition for resources such as nutrients, water, and sunshine. As a result, the trees can become weaker, grow more slowly, or be more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Thinning out the canopy or removing a tree can reduce crowding and encourage the healthy growth of the remaining trees.


Complete Tree Removal

We have an array of resources available to help us meet our customers' tree removal and cutting needs. Depending on the complexity of each job, we may employ larger cranes or use more gradual techniques when dealing with regular-sized trees with clean surroundings.

We provide tree and stump removal services beyond tree felling alone. Our team can either grind down the stump or completely dig it up according to your specific project requirements. If your construction project requires transplanting or removing trees simultaneously, our land clearing and bush removal services are always available.

Your Trusted Tree Removal Company in Arlington, VA

We take great pride in offering tailor-made solutions for our clients in Arlington. When you work with us, you can expect:

Professional and Experienced Crew

Our crew members have received extensive training in using power tools and various equipment, holding all necessary state licenses and certifications to guarantee the safe execution of every job.

High-Quality Tools

We pride ourselves on using only high-quality tools to ensure precision and safety during tree removal processes. As part of our commitment to safety, we always maintain and look after our equipment properly for reliable and efficient results.

Proper Insurance

Tree removal requires using sharp blades and heavy machinery, increasing the potential risk of accidents. We carry comprehensive insurance, including workers' compensation coverage. With us by your side, you can rest assured that unexpected expenses won't arise!

Knowledge and Experience

With years of field experience under their belts, our team members can handle a range of tree removal scenarios. We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget while protecting nearby buildings and objects. When additional resources, such as personnel or larger cranes, are necessary for removal services, we guarantee a safe and well-managed process.

Contact Us Today

AVA Tree Services stands out as the go-to provider of tree removal in Arlington, Virginia. We prioritize client satisfaction and aim to exceed your expectations with our professional approach and high-quality work. Give us a call today for your tree removal and other related service needs!


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